Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Change My Shipping Address?

Yes, You can always change your order as long as your order hasn’t been shipped yet

How Do I Activate My Account?

You just need to Create/Sign Up to order

Do I need to renew my license?

You do not need a License to buy since everything here is handled discreetly.

What happens if shipment is not received?

We ship all shipment discreetly to avoid any complication and to also avoid stories from customers of not receiving shipments. For any order not received, we reship. Reshipment is being done once we confirm from FedEx Or USPS

How do you ship CBD and THC Vape Juice to Countries with High Customs Check??

We ship all shipment discreetly by removing all CBD and THC Labels on Bottles.

Do you Ship THC Vape Juice to UAE?

Yes, we ship to UAE and other Countries in the Middle East such as Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel , Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia

Do you Ship THC Vape Juice to South America?

Yes, we ship to South America. 72 Hours Shipping time to Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia, Falkland Islands, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay

Do I Get a Tracking Number?

Yes, You get tracking number as soon as payment is received and order registered for delivery

Do I need to go to the Post to Pick it Up?

You do not need to waste your time going to the post to Pickup parcels, we ship to your provided address submitted when making an order

What payment do you operate with?

We accept the Following Payments: Bitcoin, Zelle Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal , Cash App